Finding The Right Photographer For Your Wedding

Is There Really The Perfect Wedding Photographer?

A perfect wedding photographer can work wonders and can beautifully bring into life, the memorable moments, the joyful feeling, and the fun of the whole event. Here are a few tips which will help you to make sure that you have hired a good wedding photographer.

Does Spending More Money Ensure Better Quality

It is not a worthless idea to spend money on an excellent photographer. Having the best professional who is truly talented can make your occasion an unforgettable one by capturing every significant detail in an artistic way. Thus, years later, a glance at your wedding album will transport you back to the golden memories. There is absolutely nothing like being able to re- live your special day.

Checking Photographic Styles

Your preferred photography style depends on your personality. You need to assess whether you prefer artistic photos or the vintage style photos. Some may like formal or classic photos. You can ask your friends and colleagues about the best wedding photographer in the location. You can also visit the websites of photographers to see their sample works. This will give you an idea about the quality and faculty of the professional. Some photographers are exceptionally talented in taking black and white shots, while some concentrate on vibrantly colored images. It is imperative that you take some time to weigh up the value of the photos in their portfolio. For example, if you check out George Street Photo & Video – Wedding Photographers, you will notice that his style is much different than anyone else. It’s a mix of contemporary and modern. To some, this may be great, to others, it might be something they don’t like at all.

Building a Good Rapport

In spite of how gifted a photographer is, it is essential to have an excellent rapport with them. It is a good idea to meet the photographer in advance and have a chat to make sure that they are the right person for the occasion. You have to bear in mind that the photographer will be a crucial part of the most memorable day of your life. Consequently, you have to ensure that, you select someone that can express you and your ideas really well. If you feel that something is not right, you can move on to select another person.

Share Your Ideas

A brilliant and dedicated photographer will suggest unique ideas to incorporate in your album. He may be able to recommend shots like the bride and groom’s first glimpse of each other, the makeup images, the bride walking down the walkway, etc. You can also feel free to inquire whether he will be bringing an assistant photographer with him. It is an excellent idea to have a second professional, as they can concentrate in different angles. This will aid in making photos picture perfect.

Know Your Package and What’s Included

First, you need to select the best five wedding photographers who match your style and photographic taste. Then you need to arrange a meeting with them to talk about the services available. Each photographer may have different packages. Some of them might include materials, time, custom prints, proofs, and enlargements. Some others might just include their materials and time, with all other elements as an add-on. A good wedding photographer allows you to express your ideas and works accordingly by making use of his expertise. The photographer should make room for the customization of shots.

Ask Questions

It is critical to ask questions for a thorough understanding of the process. You can ask them how many hours are allotted for a particular fee structure, how many photos are included in the package etc. It is not a bad idea to ask how long it will take to finish the album. Make sure that you ask for sample works and judge whether all pictures are in good resolution, whether you can feel the fun and the excitement of the moment in the photos etc. A good photographer can incarcerate the story of your day and make creative portraits without disrupting the special moments.


My First Photo Booth Rental Experience

Being in the photography industry for over ten years, you would think I would have already had a photo booth rental experience by now. However, it just came about a few weeks ago. Up until this point, I never had rented a photo booth for my event. I figured I could take my pictures and set up a “photo section” so that I could capture those special moments with my friends and family. Whether it was a birthday party or a family get-together, I would have my photo station and remind my guests to snap a picture before they would take off.

The downside with all of this was that it just took up too much of my time. Having photo shots of memories is great, but not being able to be a part of them was a huge let down for me. I noticed that I spent too much time trying to capture the moment (with a camera) rather than capturing it with my emotions.

After all of this, I decided it was finally time. I looked into photo booth rentals. I compared the costs, the different packages, and all of the other little things that go into choosing which company to use. Ultimately, I decided to go with Posey Pose. Unlike other photo booths out there, the best thing about their system is that it stores all photos on the cloud. That means I don’t have to worry about transferring anything to hard-drive or disk because I can just log into their cloud software to view all my photos. Additionally, I can do all of my editing right on the spot, so I don’t have to go through that extra step. That’s why their open air photo booth option is why I choose their service over others. You can find more information on that by clicking here.

Overall, the price was well worth it. Instead of spending time taking the photos myself, I had a photo booth doing all the work for me. On top of that, it seemed far less of a chore for people to take photos. I’m sure all photographers at events go through that period where guests simply don’t “feel like it.” With the photo booth, my guests wanted actually to take photos. I was able to spend time with my friends and family while still capturing those special moments that I can share with my kids for years to come.

All in all, if you’re like me, and you just love savoring memories and joy with your loved ones, renting a photo booth is the way to go. If it’s simply out of your budget, you can browse YouTube for many DIY tutorials to set up your own.

Photography as a revolution – our philosophy

Therefore, it has become now, to use photo albums made of special materials. It’s been a thousand years that the man with the Camera Obscure invented a device which could – observe something for it to fascinating the Sun and the ratio of the Earth to this particular planet. It took even five centuries, until with the lens a method could be developed, which provided individual images and principal objects suddenly brighter and much sharper than even before. But what then at the beginning of the 19th century was created by the detention of images on light-sensitive materials, which almost resembled a revolution.

Photography as a revolution

Until the invention of classic and general still photography, the painter had dominated the action – they did landscapes, but mostly made portraits of commissioned works so that the objects were an ideal type. But the reality was different now. Suddenly, photographer’s depicted life in its full breadth – plump and gorgeous, even colorful, times gray. They showed people and nature as they were, with all their forces and all its fascinating small miracles.

What initially was unimaginable for people – hold indefinitely – reality is today long away every day. One remains, however: a magic of the moment. No other medium can evoke such emotion as the photo; no other media releases such thoughts and memories often a fraction of a second-long moment like that. A lens is incorruptible – and therefore there since now, photos, the big story have written three centuries, tells of WINS and losses, of joy and sorrow. Everyone knows it: the first man on the Moon or the images of September 11, the fall of the wall in 1989 and the lucky swash related or pictures of natural disasters in the Alps – history is unique, history does not repeat itself.

Capture the magic of the moment

But all great history despite Most photos on a small scale, that move people and that they carry in their hearts are. Sometimes out of focus, at times poorly exposed – but always authentic and always a memory value. Photos have therefore lost all technology in defiance of and contrast to The Internet, social networks, or digital storage media today none of its fascination. Who releases photos and maps them in an album, embarks on a journey into the past. The first photo of the newborn, the memory of their grandparents, a snapshot of training or first communion or the recording of the wedding ceremony.

For good reason, people pick up photos – not only as a digital image file but as a print on paper, which has something sensual, which – angry – tells a story in an album and that once again gets beautiful like the painful hours in the memory.

Photos are so unique, they are kept so lovingly and so special is also the place they get. Therefore, has it become in the meantime, to use photo albums made from individual materials – be it for yourself or as a very personal gift. Because wood is one of the warmest and most natural raw materials, because wood stands for sustainability and a unique relationship with nature, it is used again, to use it for the individual cover albums. Wood albums are all individually, each piece by hand is unique. The grain is different always different, the color always.

Our Life Today

So much has changed since I posted here last, yet much has remained the same. Life is bustling and busy as ever, crazy & stressful, but most of all…..good.

Over the years my camera has served more as a dust collector (sadly) than a story writer and taken a back seat to our iphones. But sometimes it calls to me, and when it does I answer. Here are a few details of our life as we know it in 2015 so far.


Hobbies new and old mixed in with routines work and school

Gage will graduate in a few weeks. Then off he will go to the Air Force end of June! Can’t believe the time has come for him to leave. I remember thinking that I had all this time and here it is.



There’s a reason this face is hardly seen here on the blog. If there were ever a kid who hated- excuse me, loathed- having a camera in their face, its my Jess. Instead of fighting it over the years and helping him overcome this awkwardness, I thought it better to leave him alone. Why force it. As his senior year approached, I knew I would have to face this day eventually! And honestly I was part excited and part filled with dread. I wanted this to be fun for him, and not just all about what his mom wanted. In the end, all I truly wanted was to capture his amazing smile, his sense of humor and the zany side of his personality. The kids a total rock star. His favorite channel is Comedy Central, he loves Moes (probably spends his paychecks there), beanies, vans and has really cool taste in music. When he’s not working or going to school or playing a gig, he’s writing music and teaching himself new riffs. He’s just rad, what more can I say.


Jesse loves music, I love light, and this is what we came up with. Sorry for the overload of images, guess I have a lot of years to make up for.